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Nutrition Best Practices When First Starting to Improve Your Diet

Nutrition is the Foundation of Health & Fitness

We are so excited you have decided to take charge of your health by taking the first step and joining a new gym. 

We’ll take the next 5-10 minutes to briefly cover the main points about nutrition and at the bottom of the page we’ll have links for you to download our NEW MEMBER NUTRITION TEMPLATE as well as our MEAL PREP E-BOOKs to help guide you in your journey! If at anytime you have a question, please email

nutrition hierarchy for fitness development

The Basics of Nutrition


Protein is key for sustaining lean muscle and losing body fat! We recommend ladies eat between 0.7-1.0g per pound of bodyweight. Guys should eat between 1.0-1.2g per pound.


Fats play a crucial role in hormone regulation. They are the most calorically dense food at around 9 calories per gram, so they are the easiest "macro" to overeat--but that doesn't mean they are "bad" for you.


Carbohydrates are your brain's primary fuel source. Carbohydrates also help with short-term energy, like during your workout, as well as muscle repair after your workout.

Important "Non-Nutritional" Elements


We recommend at least 80 ounces of water a day. Removing or reducing other beverages in your diet will help you shed weight FAST!


The only thing more important than water intake is your sleep! You need AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep per night.

Daily Activity

Increasing your daily activity (outside of the gym) will also go a long way in aiding your nutrition goals. We recommend at least 8,000 steps on days you workout and 10,000 steps on days that you do not workout.

Revival Nutrition Resources

Revival Fitness Nutrition Meal Plan Template

Meal Template

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"Easy" Food Shopping Guide

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