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We offer 7 robust group fitness programs, with 1 membership. Check out more below!

Our Group Fitness & CrossFit Programs

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VIVE 60: CrossFit Group Classes

Our VIVE60 group classes include a warm-up, strength training, and a high-intensity workout to help you build or maintain lean muscle while losing fat! This program works great for all skill levels! Inquire today

Vive Bodyweight

VIVE Bodyweight

Our “Bodyweight” Only workouts are perfect for those with no equipment and limited time. As the name implies, every exercise is bodyweight based so you can get your workout in anytime, anywhere!

Vive Aesthetics

VIVE Bodybuilding

Want to look and feel your best outside the gym–this program is for you! This program focuses on building lean muscle through progressive strength training. It’s a 5-day per week program that will get you strong and feeling great!

Vive At Home

VIVE At Home

Our “At-Home” workouts require minimal equipment such as a jump rope and a pair of dumbbells. These workouts are perfect for travel, vacations, or if you only have a quick 30-minutes in to get a workout in during the week.

Vive Endurance

VIVE Endurance

These long format workouts are perfect for those looking to get into the best cardio shape of their lives. Whether your training for a bike race or marathon, these workouts will prepare you like nothing you’ve done before.

Vive Flexibility

VIVE Flexibility

Our flexibility program provides 5-days of stretching routines each week to help you recover from your workout that day or simply to help you reduce muscle soreness. These routines will keep your body injury-free and feeling better than ever!

Vive Flexibility

VIVE Gymnastics

Bodyweight calisthenics AKA “Gymnastics” plays a large component within CrossFit. These high level exercises take time to master and specific skill work is required to achieve noticeable progression. We offer a 3-day per week skill session program, that can be done in tandem with ANY the daily workouts!

Class Schedule

Class Schedule